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Jazmin Absolute - Terpenic

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Jasminum grandifl orum

QT. benzyl acetate


  • - Antioxidant
  • - Antiespasmodic
  • - Antidepressant

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Jasmine Absolute 5 ml PR
Jasmine Absolute 5 ml PR
Jasmine Absolute 2 ml. PH
Jasmine Absolute 2 ml. PH

If the Rose is the queen, the Jasmine has the title of king of the aromatics. Its name comes from Arabic Yasmin. It is used to give aroma to teas. As anecdote it should be noted that in China they use their flowers to decorate the hair of beautiful girls.
It is a very exquisite oil and the one most used in expensive perfumes. Mix very well with the Rose and citrus.
He is a remarkable aphrodisiac, warms and relaxes the organism. Sensitive and dry skins will be very helpful even with pruritus, but it works for any type.
It is a leading ingredient in any beauty treatment.

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