Locion Capilar Antipiojos Bio

    Locion Capilar Antipiojos Bio

    IVA Incluido

    Lotion anti-pollution certified BIO
    Active natural insecticide on lice and hatsIn 15 minutes!
    Proven efficiency.

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    Real effectiveness from the first application, natural insecticide
    Quick action on adult lice and hats,« 2 in 1 »: preventive and curative.
    Very concentrated formula in essential oils and notdamages the scalp.


    12 sprays of the lotion in the scalp, at the birth of the hair.
    Protect your eyes well.
    Massage well to extend the lotion on the scalp and scalp.
    Letting act at least 30 minutes.
    Wash your hair with a soft shampoo.
    Carefully comb your hair with a thin comb impregnated with warm vinegar.
    Return to apply 1 time per week for 3 consecutive weeks.
    In case of major infestation: repeat treatment for 3 days

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