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Envoltura Corp. Algas Adelgazantes 500 ml.

Corp wrap. Algas Adelgazantes 500 gr. - Agave

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Algas fucus + algae lithotamnes.


Algas fucus + algae lithotamnes.


- Dilute 150 ml of algae (3-4 tablespoons soperas), in warm water.

- Add 1 tablespoon sopera of water of the Queen of Hungary.

- Add 10 drops of the oil preparation essential thinning.


- Fry the area with water from the Queen of Hungary.

- Apply the cataplasm and wrap with an occlusive bandage of osmotic film.

- Allow a minimum of 20 minutes and withdraw.

- Remove the cataplasm through the shower (or under the shower).

- Fry the area with water from the Queen of Hungary.

- To finish, massage with thinning body oil.


To achieve better results, it is essential to make maintenance at home.The anticellulite gel can be used in the daily shower.Fry in the morning and at night with water from the Queen of Hungary.

Apply, then, anticellulite body oil by massage. It is advisable to take a bath with 10 drops of the anticellulite essential oil preparation, twice a week, alternating with the cabin treatment.

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