Course: Aromatherapy for Labor Welfare

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We spend an average of 10 hours a day in our working environment. The quality of what we lived in that environment largely determines how we feel in our personal life and has a wide impact on our family life.

The working environment itself, working conditions, type of work, relationships with our superiors and with our partners are multiple sources of stress. The negative effects of stress are well known not only on our health but also on the health of the company. That is why there are more and more companies that are interested in the health of their employees offering healthy activities and guidelines within the working environment. Yoga, Mindfulness, Pilates are some of the generally proposed activities.

In this case, essential ideas and oils are proposed so that you can also feel good in your working environment. It is recommended some synergies that will help you in times of stress, or when you need to concentrate or connect with your creativity. They also indicate which essential oils can be very useful in caring for or improving relationships with your peers.

Topics addressed:

.- Reduce the incidence of health stress (anxiety, tensions, nervousness, malhumor, tiredness, absenteeism, demotivation, burnout...).

- Avoid contagions in winter periods and subsequent labor casualties.

- Favor good humor, trust and fellowship.

- Favor the communication. - Favor concentration, mental clarity, memory, decision-making, thereby improving productivity.

- Stimulate creativity, will, motivation.

- Awakening our adaptation capacity

. Fight against procrastination.

Includes formulas for: - Reach goals - Create a healthy, calm and serene environment - To promote learning - For a friendly and friendly communication - For the " Burnout" - For meetings " Brainstorming - For clarity, concentration and memory - For creativity and inspiration - For stress management (anxiety) - For people who suffer Mobbing - To face challenges - To help in decision-making

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Online course taught by Antonia Jover


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