Course: The Women's Botiquin

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    He knows all the goodties offered by aromatherapy for the well-being of mature women. From the age of 45, women began to notice many changes in our body and menstrual cycles. Permenopausal usually begins around the age of 47 (as a mean), but may appear before. This period of women's life lasts from a few months to several years and accompanies symptoms that in some cases are frankly annoying: change in menstrual cycles, menorrhagia, sleep disorders, emotional instability and anxiety mainly.

    Menopause appears between 48 and 52 years (average) and is accompanied by another type of symptomatology: lack of libido, vaginal dryness, dryness and skin flaccidity, hair loss, weight gain, suffocations, etc. In this course we see how we can relieve these symptoms with the help of aromatherapy. The best essential oils have been selected for this stage of life to be passed from serenity and fullness.

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    Online course taught by Antonia Jover


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