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Isis Divine Feminity Takes Direct, 15 ml.

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This essence is created on May 25, 2015.Isis has always been, and to this day, the Divine Feminity.


This essence is created on May 25, 2015.Isis has always been, and to this day, Divine Feminity.

This essence is the culmination of the first trip to Egypt that we have made Jane, my wife, and I. This year, therefore, was the perfect time to prepare this essence, first because, due to the problems in the area, there were not many tourists, and secondly because I was energetically preparing for this new essence that is the incarnation of all the goddess.

We were fortunate to spend a lot of time alone in the real chambers of the great pyramids, meditating and absorbing all the energy of the various places. At that time I still had no strong feeling about the essence that I would discover along the journey.

Very often I speak of the intensity of the vibration of Love that I felt when I did both the essences of White Light and those of Light Frequency, especially the latter. But this intensity was surpassed the day I prepared the essence of Isis. And this is one of the reasons why I see this essence as a unique essence, which does not belong to any group.

The most important thing about this essence is a blessing of the great Mother. She wants to enlighten us, and she will enlighten all those who want and want it. He also wants us to give him our anger, guilt, emotional pain, fear, loss, grief, despair, and instead she will give us love and courage. This essence is that of hope and elevation, and the awareness that we positively feel the presence of the love of the Female Divinity around us.

The essence Isis works the deepest emotional aspects, those feelings of anger and guilt that we carry within us, which can be of a recent, distant past or other lives. As we release these feelings are replaced by the light of love and the protection of the Divine Mother incarnated by Isis.

Its properties are:

  • Allows to feel the presence, protection and love of Divine Feminity

  • Lights the darkest corners where we keep pain and emotional suffering

  • Create hope and help spiritual elevation

  • Replaces aspects of our emotional wounds with love and courage

  • Provides self-esteem in turbulent times of anxiety and uncertainty

  • Helps to access and abandon the wounds of the soul that come from the spiritual world, both from this and from other lives

  • Transforms places of negativity from traumatic situations

  • Integrates all the emotions that are separated within our self

  • Helps heal places of emotional pain


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