Arcilla Ghassoul 250 gr. C.

Clay Ghassoul 100 gr. C.

IVA Incluido

High absorbent power, rich in minerals and without surfactants, chemical additives or heavy metals.


Hair and body wash.Hair mask.Peeling and face mask. Cbaby skin uity and children. Cskin uity with allergies. TRatification in cases of acne, inflammation or itching. Aditivo in bathroom products. Ideal for intimate care


Verter 1-2 cradles of Ghassoul and water until covered. We wait approx. 5 minutes. It is not necessary to remove it, the dust absorbs the water quickly. When it is a creamy and soft paste we can swarm in the face, body and/or scalp. We let him act briefly and rinse.

As a treatment for hair or dandruff we can let you act for 5 minutes and clear with water.

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