Shipping and delivery to Peninsula (Only Spain) and Balearic

Shipping costs 8.20 euros are valid only for the Iberian Peninsula (Spain only) and Balearic up to 150 euros. Other destinations should be consulted

1. Courier Service

The package is delivered to the customer's home.

If the material is available in our store merchandise out the next day and received the following business day. In case of unavailability of the genre we will contact to notify the delivery date .
The delivery since the purchase is made up it is delivered between 24 and 48 working hours (no account festive or weekend)

Shipping and delivery to the Canary Islands

The order will be shipped freight prepaid, by e blue and according to the weight of the order package, up to 150 euros of purchase. All shipments will have a charge of 12.84 euros DUA. The delivery time will be less than 10 days
In no case can determine the amount of tax payable by the client to receive your order and which depends on the "IGC" and "customs of the Canary Islands". As a guideline, and in no case with fixed character, usually charge between 12 and 16 Euros for Import Duties and Customs Administrative Roles, and the percentage corresponding to the IGIC Canario. (Not responsible for possible variations from customs unannounced)

Out of Spain:

1. Application of Value Added Tax (VAT):

- Sale to a particular country EC: YES IVA
- Sale to a company of countries EC: NO VAT charged
- Sale to other countries initially YES we charge VAT when we receive the certificate of customs (DUA) we will refund of such tax
2. shipping: 30 euros if not exceeding 5 kg
. - Portes due for e


1. Bank / Income transfer account

When processing an order is check if you really have at the time of the material I requested. In case of not having the available material will contact the customer and be advised of the availability date .
The customer enters the money the bank account provided your name and surname to correctly identify the order. The account number to make the income you receive at the time of ordering .
Once the deposit / transfer made must be sent receipt by fax or email indicating name. As will check the transfer will proceed to packaging and shipment of the order .

2. Credit Card

This payment is immediate, totally secure and verified by VISA. All payments made by this payment method will be validated by your bank and if accepted we will be forwarded automatically and instantly. Requires a security key to perform this type of online payments. Ask your bank if you know your security key.

3. Pay by check

This payment is only allowed for those customers who have already completed a minimum order, for providing us with this data from your checking account

4. Pay in Store Arke (Barcelona)

This payment is subject to customers who want to collect the package at our store Valencia Street # 445 in Barcelona


1. Changes

1.1. Defective merchandise
. In the event that the goods arrive defective the customer must contact Arke to solve the problem
If the material must be replaced the customer must send the goods ran us with the shipping.
1.2. Changes
If the change to an error by the customer (error when ordering) should it bear the costs shipping
. if the mistake was ours, the customer receive the goods requested free of charge
To accept a return both the product and the packaging must be in perfect condition and with all original content without manipulation. You must also include sending a copy of the invoice

2. Returns

Returns are accepted product within the first 7 days, counting from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer, provided that the conditions set out on this page are met.
No refunds for products such as flower essences vibrational or mineral products Aura-Soma will be accepted
products that are have been opened or tested or used. To make a return must always contact us to accept the return. Previously authorized returns will be accepted.

All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, undamaged and protected so it does not arrive with seals or tape transport. Otherwise we reserve the right to refuse the return .
The transport costs incurred in the return borne by the customer. The amount of transport and made the first delivery will be deducted from the total amount of refund .
The payments via bank transfer for returns or exchanges of items down will have a minimum of 10 days for administrative procedures.