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    Jabon Facial Lemon Recipe

    Facial soap recipe

    The combination of all the ingredients with which it is made produces a pleasant smell of lemon cake, which surprises a lot, since in its composition it has no citrus.

    Liquid base 50ml

    Gel de Aloe Vera 20ml

    Plant glycerin 1.5g

    Hidrolato de Lavanda 8.5ml

    Plant oil of Jojoba 10ml

    Plant oil Coco 8ml

    Essential oil of Palo de Rosa 12gtt

    Essential oil of Palmarosa 6gtt

    Mirto Verde essential oil 6gtt

    Tocoferol 0.5ml

    In a bowl we add aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin and lavender hydrolate and mix. We add the amount of liquid base soap indicated and remove.

    In another container we see vegetable oils, essential oils and tocoferol. Them We mix well.

    The first container we add the synergy of oils with tocoferol and remove well so that it stays uniform with all the components integrated in our formula.

    You can only find an ideal jar (100 ml approximately) that is at the height of our facial soap, and be practical for use. Enjoy it!

    Recipe facilitated by Terpenic Labs

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