The Gate of Ascension- Angel's Gate big on glass platform

    Portal del Angel Grande - Litios

    IVA Incluido

    High quality crystal with fine polished and figure of an angel engraved with laser, with energization and crystalline initialization. High 17,5 cm, Width 11 cm, Prof. 5 cm.

    10 approximate days of waiting.

    The Angel Portal fills a whole room, a house or a whole house with energy from the crystal sphere of the Archangel Metatron and generates a spiritual portal to crystalline energies. Consciously get in touch with this energy and get carried away, get relieved and surrounded by love-filled energy. It is a portal for ascended angels and teachers, who will then work with you. During meditation you can position yourself in front of one or in the middle of a group. If you meditate lying down you can place it in front of the coronary chakra or in front of the feet.

    It generates a Portal, a powerful channel to the elevated dimensions of Light. flood rooms and houses of luminous energy and love, Angels Crystalinos, Archangels and Ascended Masters accompany you. The Ascension Portal is a transmitter and cosmic receiver station. It helps us to enter deep meditation. Genera Senderos de Energía, Portales de Tiempo, Portales Alfa y Omega, Portales angelicas... The potential of this Ascension Portal is immensurable.

    This Portal generates in you a Portal that helps you connect and open a Spiritual Gate, inside the Holy Shrine within your heart... Crystalline Angels of the dimension of Archangel Metatron then establish contact with you. They connect you with the energy of Ascension and begin the process of the luminous body and the next octave of evolution in you. You can enter more easily into contact with other planes and dimensions of the universe. You are allowed to enter other planets, timelines and energy vortices.. He simply asks the crystalline angels and the Metatron Archangel to work spiritually with you. The energy of this Portal is extremely powerful! Allow your imagination to flow freely. In your fantasy there are no limits imposed and we will be happy to receive the accounts of your experiences.


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