Cera Emulsionante nº 1 - 100 gr.- C.C.

    Emulsifying Wax 4. Esther of Sucre - C.C.

    IVA Incluido

    Sucrose Stearate - 100% vegetable emulsifier


    Emulsifier of plant origin with moisturizing properties that create emulsions of the oil-in-water type (O/W). Creams and lotions can be made for all types of skin, especially normal skin, mixed skin, fat and sensitive skin.

    It can be used in cold or hot though different textures come out. If you work cold, you dissolve in the oil phase and you continue to work usually. If it is used in hot, better dissolve it in the aqueous phase (60-70°C) and pour the oil phase into the aqueous and whisk. In both cases it is recommended to add 0.2-0.5% of Goma Xantana to the aqueous phase to stabilize the emulsion.

    Suitable for facial, body, after-sun or baby products.

    Dosage: 2-5%

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