Dentifrico Sólido 120 Comprimidos

IVA Incluido

Enter a natural solid dentífrico tablet into your mouth. Mastica, moisten your brush and brush in depth.


Xilitol, extracted from plants and vegetables.Among the countless benefits of xylitol, it is outstanding its power to prevent caries and remove the dental plaque.Reduces the damage to the smalt by caries and the proliferation of oral candidiasis also contributes to the segregation of saliva and thanks to the barrier of bacteria, oral complications such as gingivitis and periodontitis can be prevented.

Mint oil, is three in one: antiseptic, antimicrobial, and refreshing.

Sodium fluoride (1450 ppm F-), fluorids are normally found in the bones and in the dental smalt, are organic and inorganic compounds that contain the fluor element.Its main action is to stimulate the remineralization of the decalcificated smalt by interfering with the growth and development of the bacteria of the dental plaque.

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