Kit Aromatherapy Daily Use

IVA Incluido

Kit to develop 6 synergies for the most common conditions: cold, nausea, stress and insomnia, beatings and bruising, headache and irritated skin.

This includes 5 essential oils: BIO Male Spray, BIO Lemon, Roman Manzanilla, BIO field mint and Ravintsara BIO, 3 plant bases: Albaricoque, BIO Arnica and Caléndula, and material to carry it out: 6 labels, 2 inhalers, 3 Pasteur Pipets, 4 roll-on plugs, 3 10 ml bottles and 1 5 ml bottle.

It also contains the guide to the kit itself, 6 videos where we explain step by step how to develop synergies and exclusive First Edition access to the online course of Introduction to aromatherapy valued at 95€.

The essentials are 4ml except the Manzanilla that is 2ml and the vegetables are 15ml

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