The Floral Essences of the Flower Essence Society of California

IVA Incluido

Begoña Alias Garcia and Ricardo Mateos

The FES floral system, which emerged in the meadows of the beautiful mountains of the Californian Sierra Nevada, where the Rocky Mountains meet with the waters of Lake Tahoe between forests of sequoias and ericáceas, is luminous, wide and open, to the same as consistent with the numerous conflicts of the everyday and the eternal, through the establishment of a fine dialectic between the soul of the subject and the living nature. A system that appears, in the mid 1970s, in the California daughter of the beat generation and Krishnamurti teachings, and breeding ground of the early New Age, the hippie movement, and the great revolution in the world of psychology and psychotherapy at the Esalem Institute. This is why it is a unique floral system that manages to pair the world of science and academic research with the realm of the sensitive and the natural, with a touch of the anthroposophistical heritage of Rudolf Steiner and the German idealism of authors such as Schiller and of playwrights and scholars of botany as the insigne Goethe. Its numerous essences, rich in nuances that arise from the finest observation of nature through forms, colors, structures, geometries and other subtle aspects of the manifestations of the world of plants of flower, open doors to work on the difficulties of our present, of our “here and now”, being excellent tools to cope with the problems with which we live: the wounds of the soul, the strengthening of the personality, With their subtle energy they help us in our way, beginning with our deepest and most essential conflicts, and with the knowledge of ourselves as a necessary way for the structuring of a strong, healthy, and integrated personality in the world, that does not neglect our intimate and essential connection with nature.

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