Sibling Harmony (Armonia between Brothers) 30 ml.

IVA Incluido

It helps to improve the qualities of forgiveness, compassion and awareness of the needs of others, but also helps to free insecurity, resentment, resentment, and, most importantly, jealousy. Recommend to use this essence both before and after the birth of a new brother, especially if it is for a firstborn.

It includes; Dagger Hakea, Dog Rose, Five Corners, Kangaroo Paw, Mountain Devil, Rough Bluebell and Slender Rice Flower.

For optimal shelf life, we use a small amount of brandy as a preservative. There's less than a drop of alcohol per dose. For those who do not want a child to ingest alcohol, the 7 drops can be applied topically to the crown or pulse points of the wrist or diluted in water. Alternatively, place drops in hot water (the temperature at which you would drink a cup of tea) that will evaporate the alcohol.

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