Essential Synergy 30 ml.

IVA Incluido

25 ESSENTIAL ACIDS. Relax and balance.

The Uses:

CORPORAL: 30 drops with vegetable oil in a package of 60 ml.

CARA: 9 drops with vegetable oil in a pack of 30 ml.

Dusch Gel: 15/30 drops with neutral gel in 250 ml package.

ROLL-ON OLFATIVE: 15 drops in albaricoque or macadamia oil in a package of 10 ml.

Environmental spray: 72 drops in alcohol in spray of 30 ml.

Diffuser: 5 to 10 drops.

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Sweet orange. Laundry. Ravintsara. Mandarina Pino maritime. Cedar. Lemon. Pink dove. Ylang-ylang. Ginger. Laundry. Geranio. Roman sage. Cilantro. Copaiba. Cinnamon. Incense. Get it yellow. She's a piper. Blue eucalyptus. Vanilla. Roman Manzanilla. Jara. German manzanilla. Seabed

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