Alligator Essence 15 ml.

Camello Essence 15 ml.

IVA Incluido

(Camelus bacterianus),

(Camelus bacterianus),

In the interpretation of dreams:It represents the unusual and bizarre. Also, available resources and obedience in relation to a fundamental principle. It can also be an animal of unconscious burdens.

This essence gives us the capacity of perseverance and resistance.

Our survival instinct and our ability to persevere are strengthened. It increases our physical strength and strengthens our vital strength and desire to live.

It helps us to overcome times of scarcity and great times of drought in our lives. In times full of yarns gives us confidence and strength.

It strengthens our trust and our faith and spiritual guidance. We learn, like the Israelite people in the desert, to trust Him and to put our destiny full of confidence in His hands.

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