Agua de Mar Ibiza-Formentera 750 ml.

Water of Mar Ibiza-Formentera 750 ml.

IVA Incluido

Drink Sea Waterdirect and controlledis very beneficial to health, because sea water is an excellent nutrient, containing in itself most minerals of the periodic table. Useful for floral preparations.

Water extracted in the open sea, filtered by mechanical processes, sterilized and packed with all nutrients, minerals and oligoelements for human use.

Drinking Sea Water direct and controlled it is very beneficial for healthsea water is an excellent nutrient, containing most of the minerals on the regular table.This is very important because the “fuel” that our body uses mostly are the minerals, without which the cells could not exercise their function in the resulting problems.

Sea Water has all the minerals on the periodic table in a biodisponible way, all dissolved in the best universal solvent that exists: water.It is thanks to this that foods cooked with Sea Water, are rehydrated and remineralized, turning them into foods with a high nutritional power.

Properties : Natural and alcalinizing minerals with a pH of 8.3.

Recommended dose: 30 ml.Tomorrow and 30ml.Separated from meals.
Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dose of 120 ml.

The Crystal Pack:
Filled into the empty for its greater hygiene and crystal packaging for a greater conservation of the product.
-Ultra-filtered, why with less amount more minerals are absorbed and more effectively, being this a more natural process.With this filtration the doses are up to six times lower than with microfiltrated sea water.
-Extraction in vortex, confluence of currents, where there is greater presence of plancton, obtaining an ADM with greater amount of organic minerals.
The mineral in the sea water, is in an inorganic way, to be able to assimilate it, has to pass through the plancton, producing the phenomenon called biocenosis, which is the transformation of the inorganic mineral into organic and therefore biodisponible,
it is assimilable to our body
Uses: For rapid mineralization and alcalinization through direct intake with
minimum amount of product.

The basic ways to drink water are:
Drink it directly without diluting it.In small doses (30ml) and spaced during the day.In a small glass add about 30 ml and in the way of smooth we will keep the sea water
for a moment in the mouth mixing with our saliva, so that it goes isotonizing the Sea Water.The sea water contains approximately four times more dissolved salts than our internal plasma ( sea water 36 gr/l versus internal plasma 9 gr/l) and this is the main reason why drink it in small doses.
Isotonic, mix the Sea Water with the natural mineral water, at a proportion of 1 to 3, i.e. a part of Sea Water by 3 parts of the mineral water.
Mix Sea Water with juices, liquids and drinks, at a proportion of between 2% and 3% in your favorite drink.



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