Zafiro Purpura - Trascender

Yellow Sapphire - Reorder

IVA Incluido

Direct connection with the solar plexus.

Everything in the plexus is direct, there are no filters, it is emotional movement, which also rotates in your physicist, sometimes dividing and, on other occasions, catching. Those are also your reactions, so it is necessary to reorder.

Everything is in order because everything is perfect for your advancement, but, at the precise time of reordering, the advance is real. You have integrated what you have learned and driven yourself to the next step of seeing your attachments.

To be able to decide to reorder is now the indispensable phase of personal growth and overcoming.

Awakening starts in emotional management.

The yellow sapphire is golden light to see from your upper dimension, the place above what catches your attention.

And now yes, reorder your personal power, for your will in personal and spiritual advancement.

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