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    Citrus aurantium amara

    Distilation:by steam current of flowers.

    Olor:citrus, fragrant.


    • - Antidepressant - Relaxing - Sleeper - Sleeper - Sleeper
    • - Baby Care - Heart rate Regulator - Psychoemotional Regulator

    The hydrolate is the water obtained from the vapor flow distillation of the flowers of theCitrus aurantium amara.

    Also called Neroli in honor of a noble of the population of Nerola (Italy) who felt passion for the fragrance of the essential oil of the flowers the Orange Amargo (Azahar) coming to mark a tendency among the high society of the time.

    Before this it was already highly appreciated by the Arab nobility of Al-andalus forming a main part of the decoration of the famous gardens of its palaces providing the sweet and intense fragrance of its aroma and also for its position its influence in Spanish cuisine.


    Hydrolates containsnall the hydrosoluble substances of the distilled part and also contains the trace elements that appear in the source plant.

    Aspect: transparent colorless crisp without grumes or filaments.

    The pH is 3.5 to 6.2. It contains a slight percentage of Linalol, Limoneno, Betapineno, Transbeta-Ocimeno, Trans-farnesol, Nerolidol (inferior to 2%).

    Because of these almost homeopathic concentrations is a preferred choice in pediatrics, pregnancy and breastfeeding in the therapeutic world.

    Uses and applications

    Use Topic

    Psychoemotional therapy

    It brings a sense of calm and peace.It is indicated in shock, mourning, professional wear, chronic fatigue, insomnia, aid in hypertension, menstruation disorders, menopause.


    It is used both as a facial tonic in direct sprays on the skin and in natural cosmetic preparations replacing the desionized waterto stimulate the regeneration of all types of skins.

    It is also part of the base to make clays and muds dissolved in it clays or algae to taste until obtaining the desired consistency.


    Contraindications to recommended doses are not known.

    It is recommended to stay away from the reach of children. Keep in a cool and dry place. Refrigerated at temperatures above 15o once opened.

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