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Airles Toothpaste 80 ml.

Ideal to store your homemade toothpaste. Higiénico thanks to its airless system, is very easy to use and its wide opening nozzle allows the distribution of an optimal dose.

€3.17 Price

Bote 100 ml.

White pot. Sheet cover with inviolable precinct. Manufactured in high density polyethylene. Suitable for food use.

€0.57 Price

Cream tube 100 ml.

Suitable for lotion, cream, cleaner, toothpaste, sunscreen and other products.

€0.68 Price

Deodorant tube 75 ml.

Approximate size (11.5x5,8x3,2 cm) with a capacity of 75 ml.

€2.48 Price

Estuche Makeover

Black makeup case with inner mirror. Diameter 57 mm. Location, ideal for your complexion powder, colour, terracotta and compact.

€1.58 Price

Frasco Mikado Square 100 ml.

Square glass bottle for mikado of 100ml

Includes synthetic plug and embellecedorwood with metallic ring.

Due to its weight, this product will NOT be shipped out of Spain. Canary Islands and Balearic Islands consult before.

€1.65 Price

Inhaler change

5 replacement units for inhaler

€0.91 Price

Inhaler Essential Oils

Inhaler of essential oils to smell its aromatherapy preparations. It is easily transported in a pocket or in a travel kit.

€0.99 Price

Vaso Laboratory

Glass for cosmetics.

Resistant to fire and heat.

Measurements glass 100 ml.: Height 7cm Diameter 5,5cm

Measurements glass 250 ml.: Height 10cm Diameter 7.5cm

Measurements glass 50 ml.: Height 6 cm. Diameter 4.3 cm.

Measurements Vaso 600 ml.: Height 12.5 cm. Diameter 9 cm.

€2.50 Price

Vaso Laboratory Asa 250 ml.

Graduated in high quality borosilicate glass. Suitable for heating up to 500oC.

€11.17 Price