Shipping and Ports for Peninsula(Only Spain) and Balearic Islands

Shipping costs 6,80 Euros are valid only for the Iberian Peninsula (Spain only) up to 90 euros.

The shipping costs for the Balearic Islands are €10.64 for any amount.

1.Messenger Service

The package is delivered to the customer's home.

If the material is available in our warehouse, the merchandise comes out the next day and is received on the later working day.If we do not have the gender we will contact to notify the delivery date.
Delivery time from purchase until delivery is between 24 and 48 working hours (no holiday or weekend)


Shipping and Ports to the Canary Islands


The order will be sent to paid portions, by messaging Tips. The delivery time will be for weight packs less than 5 kilos of approximately 5 days and for more than 5 kilos about 12 days.
In no case can we determine the amount of taxes to be paid by the customer when receiving your order as it depends on the "I.G.C" and "Canary Customs".In an ORIENTATIVE way, and in no case on a fixed basis, they typically charge between 12 and 16 Euros for Import Rights and Customs Administrative Papers, in addition to the percentage corresponding to the I.G.I.C. Canario.(We are not responsible for any possible variations made by customs without notice.).THEY CAN'T REALIZE CANARIAS THAT CONTAIN INFLAMABLE MATERIAS.
Outside Spain:

1.Application of Value Added Tax (VAT):

-Sale to a particular of the EC countries: YES is charged VAT
-Sale to a company of the EC countries: NO VAT is charged
-Sale to other countries: VAT is NOT charged.
2.Shipping costs: Depending on the rate.
-Ports paid, by messaging Tips.


1.Bank transfer/account income

When processing an order you will check whether the requested material is actually available at that time.If you do not have the available material you will contact the customer and will be informed of the availability date.
The customer enters the money into the bank account provided by indicating his name and surnames to correctly identify the order.The account number to make the income will receive you at the time of ordering.
Once the entry/transfer is made, the supporter must be sent via fax or email indicating name and surname.As soon as the transfer is checked, the packaging and shipping of the order will be carried out.
3.Credit Card

This form of payment is immediate, fully secure and verified by VISA.All payments made through this payment form will be validated by your banking entity and if accepted it will be forwarded automatically and instantly.It requires a security key to be able to make this type of online payments.See your banking entity if you do not know your security code.


1.1.Defective merchandise
In case the goods arrived defective the customer must contact Arké to solve the problem.
If the material must be replaced the customer must send the goods running us with the shipping costs.
If the change is due to an error on the part of the customer (error upon ordering) it will run with shipping costs.
In case the error was ours, the customer would receive the requested goods at no additional cost.
To accept a return both the product and the packaging must be in perfect condition and with all the original content without manipulating.You should also include in the shipment a copy of the invoice.
Returns of products will be accepted within the first 7 days, from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer, and provided that the conditions set forth on this page are met.
No returns of vibrational products will be accepted as floral essences or minerals and Aura-Soma products.
Products that have been opened or tested or used.To make a return you always have to contact us to accept the return.Only previously authorized returns will be accepted.

All goods must be returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition and protected so that it is not received with precincts or adhesive transport tapes.Otherwise we reserve the right to refuse the return.
The transportation costs caused by the return will be borne by the customer.The amount of transportation of the first delivery already made will be discounted from the total amount of the refund.
Bonds via bank transfer due to returns or changes in items to the drop will have a minimum period of 10 days for administrative proceedings.