Advocat - Bio - 50 ml

Avocado - Bio - 50 ml

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Oil rich in vitamin E and with great stability.


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Avocado Virgen
Avocado Virgen
Avocado Virgen Bio - C.C.
Avocado Virgen Bio - C.C.

Tonicity and protection!

A very hydrating oil for the body, hair and cutis. Its pleasant green colour, its neutral smell and its easy absorption make it an ideal cosmetic ally for beauty and bathroom.

It is one of the few oils that contains palmitoleic acid, very valuable for the protection of cell membranes. This oil softens and recomposes like no other thin skins and dry and brittle hairs. And there's more: It can be used in a kitchen to add a healthy and original way.

Brief description of the composition:

More than two thirds of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9 and the famous palmitoleic acid, with moisturizing properties). Some less than a tenth of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6). Something less than a fifth of saturated fatty acids. Numerous vitamins, such as vitamin E, beta-carotene and polyphenols.

Tips & tricks:

Damaged hairs: 1 or 2 times a week, massage wet and clean hair with between 1 and 3 tablespoons avocado oil. Heat the oil with your hands and massage from the roots to the tips. Finish by the scalp, distending it well. Wrap in a warm towel for between 1 hour and all night. Clear with a soft shampoo. The hair is strengthened, soft and smooth.


Oral use : 10 g (1 tablespoon sopera) a day. Oil rich in vitamin E and with great stability.

Cosmetic use : It comes to dry and irritated skins, to which it returns softness and elasticity. It is used as a hair mask to strengthen the hair and as anticed.

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