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Biobel 750 ml.

Organic formula based on natural plant alcohol that cleans, degreases and polishes windows, mirrors and all kinds of surfaces without leaving traces. Detergent Natural Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife

€4.63 Price

Bolsitas Perfumadas Eco Zapateros y Cubos Basura

2 units. BIO - Special antiolor bags for shoemakers, trash cubes and all small spaces with odor problems. With lightning stone that combats the proliferation of bacteria that generate the bad odors and with bicarbonate that helps absorb the nasty odors and control the humidity inside the cabinet. Organic certified product by AIAB and suitable for vegans.

€3.22 Price
Cepillo Dientes Bambu Biodegradable Cepillo Dientes Bambu Biodegradable
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Cepillo Dientes Bambu Biodegradable

High quality raw materials, with thick handles, soft hair.

Delicate bamboo charcoal brush.

€1.24 Regular price €2.48 Price

Detergent Eco Vajillas a Mano Biobel

Efficient organic manual dishwasher, aromatized with essential lemon oil, which cleans, degreases and naturally polishes all kinds of kitchen utensils. The formula contains vegetable glycerin, being very soft for the skin, and especially suitable for the most sensitive skins and hands. Made exclusively with plant-based ingredients, without ethoxylated or animal components. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

€5.37 Price

Detergent Multiuses Eco 1000 ml. Biobel

Formulation with denaturalized vegetable alcohol and essential citronella oil, cleans in depth and aromatizes the home.

Suitable for all types of surfaces (soils, kitchen and bathroom furniture, toilets and tiles).100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.Biodegradable.

€5.45 Price

Detergent Pastillas Eco Lavavajillas Biobel

30 pills. 

Monodose organic tablets all in one for machine that clean and degrease naturally. The hydrosoluble wrapper makes the film biodegrade in the water without leaving waste. No perfume.

€7.52 Price

Eco Gel Automatic Biobel 1 litre

Powerful gel washing machine without perfume, ideal for washing in the automatic washing machine. It is enriched with natural soap, with a high depleting power and completely free of allergens. Remove the most incrusted dirt by leaving dishes, glasses and clean plastic containers.

Made with ingredients of vegetable origin, without phosphonates, EDTA or ethoxylated and animal origin ingredients.

98,04% of the ingredients are of natural origin. No perfume or allergens. Natural Detergent Certified by ECOCERT

€8.39 Price

Limpiador Ecologico Quitagrasas 750 ml.

Green Trebol. Degreasing formulated with raw materials of natural origin of high level of biodegradability, indicated for the elimination of filth of organic origin and fats of both animal and plant origin. Product suitable for use in food industry.

€4.10 Price

Organic cleaner 1000 gr. Biobel

Active oxygen, powerful strips, whitening, disinfectant and natural deodorizing clothing. Add to the drum as a reinforcement of the detergent, or as a soak as a pretreatment, it brings in the white clothes a brighter whiteness naturally, without bleach, or chlorine, or whitening. Also very effective as strips for very dirty clothes of color, as the dirt boosted the action of the detergent softens faster.

€6.98 Price

Sal Lavavajillas 2 Kg. Biobel

Natural food grade product of marine origin.

100% pure without additives from Salinas Españolas of the Ebro Delta- Biosphere Reserve.

It dissolves gradually in the washing process, protecting your machine and tableware from the attacks of lime, without additives or synthetic antiperspirant.

Natural detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife

€4.66 Price

Smooth Cleaner Ecological bath

Concentrated and sparkling product for the daily cleaning of all surfaces of the bathroom.

€4.75 Price

Suavizante Ropa Ecologico 1 litro

Concentrated and perfumed textile softener. Formulated with a pleasant fragrance free of allergens. Ideal for washing the most delicate clothes or you will be in contact with the most sensitive skins. Avoids the formation of static electricity in the fibers and facilitates the ironing.

€3.51 Price