Flowers of Amancay

IVA Incluido

Amancay-Alstroemeria Aurea Helps the most intimate and deep appreciation of itself, to connect and heal the “internal boy”, his cries and his traumas.It awakened self-evaluation and internal peace.It stimulates recapitulation and understanding of the tendency to search for comfort zones, lack of sincerity with yourself and self-engain.It contributes to suspicion, tranquility, trauma resolution and invites to an internal journey of self-recognition.of 30 ml.

Its use is the same as the other essences, except that pures can be used when a quick action is needed.They do not count as to the maximum number of essences to mix; considering both the Aureas and the conventional.It harmonizes and strengthens other flower remedies, so you can add a drop of these Essentials to the flower dilutions.

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