Suavizante Ropa Ecologico 1 litro

IVA Incluido

Concentrated and perfumed textile softener. Formulated with a pleasant fragrance free of allergens. Ideal for washing the most delicate clothes or you will be in contact with the most sensitive skins. Avoids the formation of static electricity in the fibers and facilitates the ironing.

Special for industrial washing in all types of machines. It is applied in the last clarification.

For cotton and wool fabrics, from 6 to 10 gr. for Kilo's clothes. Synthetic fiber fabrics from 5 to 8 gr. for Kilo's clothes.

Following the dosing instructions, it will help reduce water pollution, waste production and energy consumption.

Without allergens, so avoid the risk of skin allergies. - No phosphates, no glycol ethers, no phthalates and no colorants. - Product not tested in animals.

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