Pegasus Sphere

IVA Incluido

High quality crystal sphere with the laser figure «Unicorn fish with stars». 80 cm. With stainless steel ring to place the dial. 7 approximate days to deliver

It is wonderful for energy cleansing and the harmonization of all the chakras and energetic bodies of your aura. It can be used in private and professional energy work.

  • Experience the presence of the unicorn Pegasus!
  • The unicorns Pegasus are angelic stellar devas that connect you to star worlds full of light and cosmos.
  • Clean and release your body at an energetic level, especially your lungs, your spine and therefore also your prana tube
  • Purify your energy channels at a subtle level
  • They release you from the earthly heaviness, that is to say, of everything that you find heavy, exhausting and emotionally oppressive.
  • They guide you to freedom and inner light, raising everything in you to a higher vibration of light with the smoothing of their wings.
  • They help you get rid of what binds you to the material world, for example, desires, possessivity.
  • They help you create a space for you.
  • They break their internal limitations and above all expand their human intellectual thought. Inspire your thoughts, show you new perspectives and possibilities.
  • You receive and live the vision of a pure world.
    They help you heal your inner child
  • The unicorns Pegasus enter your aura, bring with it the magic of the stars and eclipse everything with their presence full of light. They help you realize yourself by opening a powerful space for your true grandeur and glow.
  • They like to contact children because they like the impartiality, tenderness and purity of the souls of children. They can reawaken this in you.

With the energization of the diamond and initiation.


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