Leucantha Formula 10 ml.

    Leucantha Formula 10 ml.

    IVA Incluido

    Composition: Leucantha, Melissa, Unitatum, Sapientum, Sorgo, Embauba, Grevilea, Rosa Rosa, Pau Brasil, Perpetua.

    This special formula of Florals of Saint Germain restores the sacred energy bond between the mother and the child called maternal instinct.

    This link is damaged when learning the mother of her pregnancy thinks at that time - "I didn't want this child right now."

    This thought may arise for many reasons; because it is unmarried, or because it has another baby still small, or for fear of childbirth, for being an unplanned pregnancy, etc.

    Even if seconds later fully accept the pregnancy and the child to come, the rupture of that link interferes with the emotional development of the child, affecting his tranquility, joy, interests, and satisfaction, and may be the cause of constant difficulties, insecurity, nervousness, dissatisfaction, sadness and even violence.

    This child may have difficulties to mature, becomes very sensitive to pain, anger and hatred. Feel the jealousy of the brothers and cannot discover their purpose of life or their abilities and talents.

    This formula is also very useful for children or adults who were neglected by the very young mother, either by separation or by death.

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